Introducing iBrailler Notes. A notetaker app for the iPad.

iBrailler Product Image
“I think such a device could produce immeasurable productivity with such learners”
“I wanted to express my excitement on the phenomenal project you have accomplished in creating touch-screen Braille writer software for iPad and App. This is a break-through in the field of Braille writing devices”
“I have just read the news article on the touchscreen Braille writer - wow! If you need a tester I have an 8 year old daughter who is blind & would love to have a go with this technology”
“I am of the opinion that the solution you are developing would have a significant positive affect on the lives of many disabled users”
“Just read the article, and would love to help students with the touch screen Braille writer! I�m blind, and would love to help, and try it out!”

The fastest brailler ever. Let the keys find your fingers.

Honorable Mention, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman's 2012 Awards for Advancement in Accessibility

Type as you do with a standard Brailler

Place 8 or 10 fingers on the screen. Dynamic keys appear under your fingertips allowing you to type comfortably, directly on your iPad, without screen overlays.

Edit as you do with a text editor

Simple gestures make it easy to navigate your notes. Easily cut, copy and paste to move text between notes, as well as to and from your other apps, to increase your productivity.

Share As you please: by email, via dropbox or through the clipboard

Import and export BRF files. Compose and send email directly from the app. Upload your notes to Dropbox.

Access As you wanted

One-click Google searches and web page access to quickly get you where you want to go.