The fastest brailler ever. Let the keys find your fingers.

What is iBrailler Notes?

iBrailler Notes is a Brailler for touchscreen devices. You can type Braille directly on your device to create, edit and share notes.

Are there instructions to learn and use iBrailler Notes?

A comprehensive help section is included in the iBrailler Notes app, as well as on the web here

Will iBrailler Notes work on my iPhone and iPod Touch?

Not right now. iBrailler Notes works exclusively on the iPad and iPad mini, since it is difficult to type with eight or ten fingers on such small screens.

Will iBrailler Notes work on my iPad mini?

Yes. iBrailler Notes works on the iPad mini.

Is iBrailler Notes available for Android phones?

Not right now. An Android version of iBrailler Notes will be released soon.

Does iBrailler Notes support Grade 2 contracted braille?

Yes, iBrailler Notes supports English Braille Grade 1 (uncontracted), English Braille Grade 2 (contracted), and Six-Dot Computer Braille. You can also use a custom Braille standard, following guidelines in the help section of the App. More Braille standards will be added soon.

How can I type on a (smooth) touchscreen?

The power of iBrailler Notes lies in its dynamic keyboard. By moving buttons so that they are always underneath your fingers, typing with iBrailler Notes is extremely accurate and very comfortable.

Why isn't iBrailler Notes free?

The team behind iBrailler Notes wants to continuously improve the typing experience on touchscreen devices for the visually impaired. Currently, iBrailler Notes is being offered for a one-time fee.

How can I help improve iBrailler Notes?

Thank you for your support! The iBrailler Notes team is very keen to develop relationships with our users and testers. Your feedback will lead to a truly useful platform of tools for the visually impaired, on touchscreen devices. Contact us for more details on how you can help.

What type of feedback does iBrailler Notes give?

iBrailler Notes provides audio feedback. The App will speak as you type, navigate the text or navigate the menus, to inform you and allow you to interact with it.

Does iBrailler Notes support languages other than English?

Not right now. Additional language support will be added soon.

Why doesn't iBrailler Notes use multi-tasking gestures?

Apple's multi-tasking conflicts with some of iBrailler Notes' custom gestures.

Does iBrailler Notes need an internet connection?

An internet connection is required once, after you start the App the first time, to download the default Braille standards. After that, you only need an internet connection if you want to share your notes via email or Dropbox. Updates to the translation tables will need an internet connection as well.

What type of file formats are compatible with iBrailler Notes?

Currently, BRF files can be imported to iBrailler Notes. You can export your notes as either BRF or plain text.

Does the iBrailler Notes come with tutorials?

Yes, iBrailler Notes comes with a simple training wizard, to help you quickly learn the most important features of the App. Additionally, a help section is available within iBrailler Notes with a complete description of each feature.

Does iBrailler Notes have any privacy features if I use it in a public place?

You can activate Apple's "screen curtain" by triple tapping the screen with three fingers for complete privacy. You can also choose what iBrailler Notes displays on the screen, among displaying Braille, the translation, both, or none.

Is this app suitable to be used by children?

Yes. Anybody who can use a standard Brailler can use iBrailler Notes.

Can I install iBrailler Notes on multiple devices?

Yes, if you have bought iBrailler Notes, you can install it on other devices using the iTunes account you used to purchase iBrailler Notes.

Can I save the notes I typed with iBrailler Notes?

Yes, you can save all notes within the App itself, and have them available to edit or share at any time. You can also export your notes to your Dropbox account.

Can I create folders for notes?

Not at the moment. Support for folder organization will be released soon.

Is there a recycling bin for deleted notes?

Not at the moment. Support for a recycling bin will be released soon.

Is VoiceOver required to be on when using iBrailler Notes?

Yes. The iBrailler Notes user experience requires VoiceOver to be activated when using the app.

How can I share documents created with iBrailler Notes?

Currently you can upload your notes to Dropbox, attach them to an email, or export them to other Apps on your device. More options will be released soon.