The fastest brailler ever. Let the keys find your fingers.

Engineered for the visually impaired

  • VoiceOver integration.

    VoiceOver gestures work in iBrailler Notes, so you will already be familiar with the App as soon as you open it for the first time.

  • Audio feedback.

    iBrailler Notes will speak to let you know where in the App you are, and what you type or edit. You can select what information is spoken.

  • Blind-friendly screen layouts.

    Typing screens are button free, to avoid accidents while typing. Menu screens follow a "linear design" - buttons occupy the entire width of the screen, and all buttons together cover the entire height of the screen.

  • Colorblind-friendly palettes.

    Three different colorblind-friendly palettes and, optionally, a region of the typing screen with the text under the cursor in large letters, for users with some vision.

  • Facilitated access

    One-click shortcuts to type web search keywords or website addresses.

  • Comprehensive help.

    A comprehensive help section is included in the iBrailler Notes app, as well as on the web here.

Smart keyboard, accurate typing

  • Unique keyboard in which the keys find your fingers.

    Don't feel comfortable with your keyboard? Build a new one whenever you want, as many times as you want.

  • Three-different typing positions.

    Testing has shown that the preferred typing position differs from person to person. Choose among: (a) ten fingers hovering above the screen, (b) eight fingers hovering above the screen and the two thumbs in contact with the screen, (c) eight fingers hovering above the screen.

  • Intutive gestures.

    A complete set of intutive gestures to move around the text, engineered to easily navigate around short and long notes. For example, to undo a change just draw a counter-clockwise circle. To jump to the end of your text, draw an inverted 'V' from left to right.

  • Copy, cut and paste.

    Fast and easy access to text selection and copy, cut, and paste functionalities.

Multiple ways to share

  • Importing and exporting Braille text as BRF files.

    iBrailler Notes will automatically appear as an option to open any file with a BRF extension in your iPad. Any note taken in iBrailler Notes can be opened by any other App able to open BRF files.

  • Exporting a note's translation to English as a text file.

    Any note taken in iBrailler Notes can be opened by any other App able to open text files.

  • Dropbox integration.

    Upload any note to Dropbox, either in Braille as BRF files or in English as text files. You can also open BRF files stored in your Dropbox in iBrailler Notes.

  • Email integration.

    Type emails directly in Braille. iBrailler Notes has a simple and intuitive interface to filter your contacts, so selecting email recipients is a fast and effortless task. iBrailler Notes learns your frequent contacts, so that they are always available with very few swipes.

  • Clipboard integration.

    Reuse text accross notes with cut, copy, and paste functionalities for the Braille text. Paste the translation to English of the selected text in any other App. It will be in the clipboard.

  • Typed text can be displayed on the screen... or not.

    Both the Braille and the English text can be displayed on the screen as you type, or not. You choose.

Supported Braille Standards

  • iBrailler Notes currently supports English Braille Grade 1 and 2, and Six-Dot Computer Braille.

    We plan to add more standards very soon.

  • User defined translation tables.

    It is possible to upload some custom translation tables into iBrailler Notes.

  • Switch between Braille standards.

    Switch to Computer Braille from Braille Grade 1 or 2 by pressing dots 456-346.